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IoT Perspectives: analyzing the business, technologies and market trends of
the Internet of Things - Curated and Opinionated

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IoT Perspectives™ covers and analyzes the business, technologies and market trends of the Internet of Things (IoT), curated and opinionated.

IoT Perspectives was founded by Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Maxine Bingham in July 2014. She was joined by partner and Technology Editor Ron Bingham in October 2014. You can see their bios here. Maxine and Ron are high tech veterans with a nose for news!

We maintain an IoT Startup Spotlight section for profiles of innovative ventures in cloud, wearables, connected car, connected health, smart cities, industrial/enetrprise IoT, connectivity and semiconductors, since it is the new companies that are pioneering the innovations that are fueling the growth of the IoT. Our blog and I-On-the-Trends™ articles offer insights into what's happening now and what we see as happening in the future. In our Vertical Markets section, we drill down into specific markets. Our Resources area includes everything from MarketWired news releases to events sites where you can find IoT conferences.

There are many definitions for the IoT, a simple one is that everyday objects are connected wired or wirelessly so that they can receive and send data with as little human intervention as possible. Sounds simple, but it is creating a tsunami of products, services and technologies from Big Data/analytics to new kinds of materials.

IDC predicts that technology and services IoT revenue will grow from $4.8 trillion in 2012 to $7.3 trillion by 2017. Cisco promotes its "Internet of Everything" branding for the IoT which it predicts will reach $17T by 2020. ZDNet reports that analysts forecast there will be almost five billion things connected by the end of next year and 25 billion - or three for every person on the planet - by the end of 2020.

While some decry the IoT as hype - it is here now and poised for the kind of growth we and other analysts predict. G.E. for example, according to The New York Times, reported  that "revenue from its IoT software business will be $1.1 billion this year [in 2014], probably the fastest a G.E. business has hit the $1 billion mark."

We hope you will find IoT Perspectives your go-to place for all things IoT. We offer enterprises and startups a number of thought leadership and exposure packages and welcome inquiries about our sponsorship programs. Do sign up for our safe subscribe monthly newsletter. We look forward to your feedback and comments - please Contact and

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